Trade Show Experience (2017)

WSP Canada

WSP Tradeshow Concept

The Challenge

After rebranding in the summer of 2017, it was imperative that WSP Canada's trade show materials reflected their status as one of the leading engineering services firms in the country. The existing trade show experience was extremely disjointed, and the company's entire set of existing trade show materials were no longer on brand.

The Solution

I gathered requirements, worked closely with the VP of Marketing and Communications, and worked with third-party vendors in order to create a strategy and, subsequently, designs to define the new trade show experience across Canada.

WSP Tradeshow Concept WSP Tradeshow Concept WSP Tradeshow Concept WSP Tradeshow Concept

Pay it forward

I've spent countless hours learning, experimenting and making mistakes. Many different people have helped me along the way, that's why I like to give back by posting video tutorials for others to follow.