WSP Canada

Tradeshow Concepts (2016)

WSP Tradeshow Concept

The Challenge

Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta, a non-profit organization helping low income families find affordable housing, run many unique events annually to raise money for their cause. One of those events is Ride Through The Rockies, a participant-sponsored 375Km bike ride through the rocky mountains. I was responsible for creating a visually appealing, informative and responsive landing page which encouraged users to sponsor cyclists.

The Solution

I was able to leverage the established Ride Through The Rockies branding and create a page which retained both the brand's personality and colour palette. Given the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies, I opted to "go big" with the imagery. One of the unique challenges with a single landing page as opposed to a website with multiple pages is that all information, images and interactive elements must be presented at once (barring progressive disclosure etc). Although the caused some difficulty, I believe that the end result is a unique, aesthetically pleasing and intuitive page which works on all device types.

WSP Tradeshow Concept WSP Tradeshow Concept WSP Tradeshow Concept

Pay it forward

I've spent countless hours learning, experimenting and making mistakes. Many different people have helped me along the way, that's why I like to give back by posting video tutorials for others to follow.