Shaw Golf

Landing page design.

The Challenge

As one of Canada's largest telecommunications firms, Shaw Communications were able to secure sponsorship deals with several professional Canadian golfers. In addition to the sponsorships, Shaw sponsored high profile golf tournaments and ran various smaller golf-related initiatives. As a result, there became a need for a section to house this information on Shaw's website.

The Solution

As a web designer on the marketing team and a huge sports fan, I met this challenge with enthusiasm. I created wireframes and designed a responsive landing page for the program which was both engaging and informative. It prominently featured the sponsored golfers, and I introduced a couple of UI elements that had never been used on The URL to the page was used in many television and print ads, and was very well received.

Ride Through The Rockies Homepage

Pay it forward

I've spent countless hours learning, experimenting and making mistakes. Many different people have helped me along the way, that's why I like to give back by posting video tutorials for others to follow.